Electric Vehicle Awards
India’s Leading Electric Vehicle Awards
29 & 30th June 2024
Hall No. 3, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai

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Stand tall and be recognized for your groundbreaking contributions to the EV sector.It's time to be acknowledged for your trailblazing endeavors in the electric vehicle sector. Nominations are now open for the prestigious India EV Awards
Electric Vehicle Show In Numbers

The 3rd edition of India EV Show is covering the entire EV ecosystem

  • 500+
  • 100+
    EV Brands & Innovators
  • 5000+
    Industry Audience
  • 50+
    Exclusive Award categories
29th & 30st June 2024
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Hall No. 3, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai

Previous Jury

  • ashok-jhunjhunwala
    Ms. Ritu Marya
    Editor In Chief - The Franchising World, Retailer, Entrepreneur India & Asia-Pacific, Restaurantindia.In, Licenseindia.Com
  • ankit-kedia
    Lakshmi Narayanan B
    CMO, CEAT Limited
  • ashok-jhunjhunwala
    Karan Mittal
    Partner, EV2 Ventures
  • ashok-jhunjhunwala
    Milan Sharma
    Founder & CEO, 35 North Ventures
  • ankit-kedia
    Ankit Kedia
    Founder & Lead Investor, Capital A
Award Categories
  • cat1
    Electric Vehicle Awards
    • Star Electric Bike of the Year
    • Star Electric Cycle of the Year
    • Star E-Rickshaw of the Year
    • Star Electric Car of the Year
  • cat2
    Key EV Charging Solution Awards
    • Leader in EV Charging Station
    • Star EV Charger Manufacturer of the Year
    • Star Ev Charge Point of the Year
  • cat3
    EV Battery Awards
    • Star EV Battery Manufacturer of the Year
    • Best BMS provider of the Year
    • Star EV Battery Technology provider of the Year
  • cat4
    EV Supplier Award
    • Star EV Auto Parts Manufacturer of the Year
    • Star EV Accessories Manufacturer of the Year
    • EV Auxiliary Award
  • cat5
    EV Technology Awards
    • National Quality Award
    • EV Technology provider of the Year
    • Star EV Software Developer of the Year
  • cat6
    Special Awards
    • Breakthrough EV Product of the Year
    • Ev Entrepreneur of the Year
    • EV Engineer of the Year
  • cat7
    EV Business Awards
    • Star EV Seller of the Year
    • Star EV Exporter of the Year
  • cat8
    EV Education
    • Star EV Educationist
    • Star EV Institution
  • cat9
    EV Finance Awards
    • Star EV Insurer of the Year
    • Star EV Finance Company of the Year
Why Nominate
  • mic Marketing Exposure The India EV show will be attended by policymakers, industry experts and visionaries from across the Nation deliberate over the latest innovations & explore the growing opportunities in the global EV Industry. The forum will deliver by senior-level executive insights.
  • network New Opportunities Network with colleagues, exchanging ideas and views on the latest trends and developments, unrivalled networking and knowledge sharing opportunities with high-value actionable content on multiple facets of the EV ecosystem.
  • share Customer Growth The Electric Vehicle Confex & Awards will bring together the public and private sectors, academia, industry and the investment community to discuss how to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles. The forum that will enable frank and open discussion of competing ideas, sustainable transport solutions that focus on transforming mobility for people, goods and services can be discussed.
  • trophy Recognition The Electric Vehicle Confex & Awards is a one-of-a-kind event bringing together the leaders in the electric industry, and unique awards that recognize the achievements and innovations of companies in the electric vehicle sector. The exhibition also provides a hub for suppliers to network with decision makers, as well as potential investors.
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