Abhijeet Sinha
Director - Ease of Doing Business | Project Director- NHEV

Abhijeet is a Technocrat, Policy Entrepreneur currently contributing with tech pilots in the Prime Ministerial initiative on Ease of Doing Business as National Program Director of EoDB Services. Previously associated with Vibrant Gujarat, Pilots of NPR-UIDAI, IMNCI (Asha-Anganwadi) before joining then CM Mr.
Modi’s Citizen for Governance (CAG) team in 2014 parliamentary polls. His expertise as an ex-corporate banker was recognized with success in large infra financing on PPP with Hybrid and Annuity Financing models; used in various EoDB emerging tech pilots. Holding additional charge of renowned National Highway for EV (Jaipur – Delhi – Agra) Pilot Project Director, where he has completed India’s longest 210 km E-Highway TECH-Trial Run between Delhi – Agra in 2020. Early this year in 2022, he commissioned two of India’s Largest EV charging stations with 100 + 112 chargers with a capacity to charge 1500 cars in 24 hours and recorded maximum 72% utilization with a minimal breakeven tenure of 36 months.