Aditya Oza
Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, EMotorad

Aditya Oza, the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at EMotorad. Aditya's journey has been from straight Fs in Grade 6 to graduating as the top student from his post-grad course.
Naityo Failures have always been a motivation for Aditya, but doing average is something he isn't destined for Currently leading marketing at EMotorad, equipped with his experience building OneMenu, 82820 hospitality 0 digitalising venture, Aditya has wrapped up his fair share of contributing to his field of study in India and abroad.
Aditya is referred to as The Genius. Along with his best mate, Kunal Gupta, with whom he shared drinks and ideas for a long time, he experienced successful entrepreneurial ventures Aditya Oza brings his passion and fast-paced attitude as the CMO of Motorod to the table. His clear vision is to make EMatorad a globally renowned brand in the EV segment Aditya's ability to inculcate passion in his teammates and his execution of some of the biggest projects with the least possible resources differentiates him from the test He developed EMotorods fast paced culture which has helped them ride the