Dr Akshay Singhal
Founder & CEO, Log9 Materials

Rather than being known as the Founder and CEO of Log9, a firm that defines responsible energy, Dr. Akshay Singhal aspires to be known as the technologist who is putting an end to climate change.Along with a doctorate innanotechnologyandabachelor'sdegreewithhonorsinmaterialsengineeringfromIIT Roorkee, he is a Forbes Under30 Asia honoree. Guided by his fundamental valuesofinvention,passion, and resilience, Akshay is also the recipient of the Indian National Academy of Engineering's 'Young Entrepreneur Award 2020' and the Entrepreneur magazine's "35 under 35 Award."
Having discovered his flair for nanotechnology during his sophomore year at IIT Roorkee, Akshay dedicated himself to examiningwaysinwhichnanotechnologycouldbeusedtoimprovepeople'slives.It was in this pursuit that he came across Graphene – the material that hascomealongwayandisnowthe enabler of Log9's technological prowess.
Innovation has been the guiding light for Log9 ever since its inception. Log9, founded in 2015, has created a name for itself in the realm of deep technology, as evidenced by the organization's 35 patents. Akshay takes pride in not just creating an indigenous battery technology, but more so in introducing batteries for 2, 3 and 4 wheelers that charge9xfaster,last9xlonger,andprovide9xtheperformanceand safety of conventional batteries.
Akshay's mission is to solveforelectricmobilityandcleanenergystoragethroughouttheworld'stropical belt, beginning in India and extending to Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. This pursuit is fueled relentlessly by pushing Log9 to research and design batteries that are optimized bespoke for our requirements. Apart from being a committed technology pioneer and visionary entrepreneur, Akshay has mentored many start-ups tackling climate change. He is also an avid trekker and the father to his pet dog, Buzo, Log9's Chief Entertainment Officer.