Amit Kumar
CEO, OLX Group India

Amit Kumar is a seasoned business leader, a consumer internet champion and a community volunteer in developing countries of Asia and Africa. He has created digital platforms and businesses which have empowered SMEs across Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe to grow their businesses and create employment and prosperity.

Currently he is the CEO of OLX Group India. He has built this digital used automotive business of OLX Autos, to almost a USD 100Mn turnover business spread across India. This business has helped more than 15000 used car dealers in the country grow their business and create employment.

Earlier, as Managing Director, he built an eCommerce portal ( in 35 emerging countries of Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Kaymu was an online marketplace, open to all individuals and suppliers willing to sell online. From students to small retail shop owners, Kaymu gave birth to successful eCommerce entrepreneurs. Globally Kaymu, educated over 200,000 suppliers, creating at least five thousand new jobs in countries such as Nigeria, Bangladesh, Nepal etc.. Kaymu was later merged with and listed on the New York stock exchange.

Amit is one of the select candidates chosen by Stanford University's Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (SEED) as a consultant to help entrepreneurs and business owners in Africa and Asia, in growing their businesses.