Anubhav Sharma
Co-Founder & CEO, Baaz Bikes

Anubhav is the co-founder of Baaz Bikes, a Mobility Platform designed for the Gig Delivery Riders of India, so as to maximize their in-hand incomes.
Baaz is a Venture Backed Mobility Startup that in-house develops and provides the new age Purpose Built Electric Vehicle Ecosystem based on 2Ws and Battery Swapping to the Gig Delivery Riders of India, also called as Baazigars.
As CoFounder and CEO at Baaz, Anubhav is responsible for innovating on Product, Pricing and Process so as to build an affordable and accessible Electric Vehicles Solution for the last mile logistics segment.
Being a graduate from IIT Delhi, and having led an International Formula Student Racing team, he comes with a deep expertise not only in building world class electric vehicles but also understands the EV Market in India with some unique insights.