Kalyan C Korimerla
Managing Director, Etrio

Kalyan C Korimerla is the Managing Director of Etrio– a Hyderabad-headquartered leading cargo EV OEM that works with the mission and vision of “leading cargo fleet electrification”. He is a visionary leader having more than two decades of work experience in the United States, Europe, and India, who believes that sustainability and profitability of businesses can go hand-in-hand without causing harm to the environment.

Kalyan started his career in Wall Street at Intel Corporation and then worked at LSI Logic, across roles such as Strategy, Business Management, Product Marketing, Business Development and Engineering. He has also worked in Investment Banking roles at JP Morgan in New York and Arma Partners in San Francisco and London. After spending many years working abroad, Kalyan finally moved back to India in 2010, following which he started a company called OneEarth Power Ventures – where he went ahead to develop and manage portfolios of 510 MW and 133 MW power assets.

In the 2015, Kalyan was appointed as the CEO of NSL Renewable Power and was subsequently elected the Vice President of Wind Independent Power Producers Association (WIPPA) – a national-level body (association) that represents the largest renewable energy companies in India. During this period, he was working closely and actively along with policymakers and other key stakeholders in the renewable energy, energy storage and electric mobility industries. This also led him to delve deep and understand the advantages and opportunities of ICE to EV transition in mobility and transport, which in turn inspired him to quit NSL and thereafter launch his own venture in the EV space.