Dr. Karthickkumar Chinnaraj
Founder & CEO, 5K Car Care Pvt. Ltd. 5k

Dr. Karthickkumar Chinnaraj, Founder & CEO HB of 5K Car Care Pvt Ltd, is on a mission to help young entrepreneurs build and grow profitable businesses. After a career in the corporate world, the spark of an entrepreneurial dream of Abdul Kalam , Vivekandha and Azukkusiddar have motivated him to step into the world of business and start his dream project 5K Car Care for Car Detailing Services at Coimbatore City.
From humble beginnings in 2012 at Codissia, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India with 3 employees, 5K Car Care is today at par with leading corporates and international organizations and has earned 30,00,000+ happy customers with 150+ outlets & 2000+ satisfied employees across all over TamilNadu and Karnataka, Kerala and Hyderabad. Dr. Karthickkumar Chinnaraj has been a great Inspiration and Role Model for many young entrepreneurs not because of his success and his achievement but because of his dedication and his commitment towards his work. His clear vision has finally made 5K Car Care Stands for Most trusted Car Care and Everlasting Success.
This wonderful vision has created completely 1st generation entrepreneurs, 1st generation employees and happiest customers. Decarbonising the Carbon from the vehicle, Planting 40000 trees and protection, in covid time, 2 lakhs cars have sanitized, adopt a Government school and great welfare done for those students, thru free seminars at colleges by CEO, more than 1 lakh students enlighten their knowledge, Along with that we "5K has taken road safety pledge from One lakh public people towards 0% Accident and 100% Safety and this activity is rolled all over Tamilnadu.
With unique technology, unmatched quality, and superior service delivery, 5K has set the benchmark in Auto detailing. So it’s no wonder that 5K has an impressive list of clients around the world.
New Technology with emerging new ideas tremendously supports our welfare of the society. And this is the Trending business in the Automobile Industry.
With the above success, we 5K marched towards 200 outlets to create a healthy, wealthy and happiest society. This is the complete success of YOUTH POWER.