Maxson Lewis
CEO & Founder, Magenta Mobility

Maxson is a passionate entrepreneur and a technology enthusiast with over 2 decades of professional experience that encompasses five areas - Automotive, Power, Logistics, Clean Energy Solutions and Management Consulting. He founded Magenta Mobility, an integrated electric mobility solutions provider that is set to Electrify and Decarbonise the Logistics sector in India. Under his leadership, Magenta has grown to be one of India’s largest electric 3W and 4W logistics fleet operators, providing direct employment to over 2000 people and sustaining their families. Magenta has also won numerous awards and accolades and is recognized for its pioneering work in clean energy solutions. At Magenta, Maxson leads the business strategy and future growth of Magenta's business verticals. Apart from focussing on the overall expansion of Magenta’s business, he is also seen as a pioneer in the EV ecosystem in India. He is directly responsible for advancing the electric mobility development in India, through his contribution as an advocate and subject matter expert in this area. He has also been a coach to start-ups and also an advisor to medium-size enterprises. A true social activist in the areas of green energy and clean solutions he has also authored several published research papers and articles in leading business publications.