Mukesh Kumar Bansal
CTO, Telio EV

TelioEV is a start-up powered by TelioLabs, a green tech innovation company with a focus on utilizing Technology for Sustainability. TelioEV helps the user to know the whereabouts of all the nearest EV charging stations. TelioEV is working to reduce its carbon footprint. The App is a data-savvy platform for all EV charging-related solutions across the industry, from front-end mobile applications to high-end analytical performance evaluation and improvement tools at the back end. With its focus on optimizing solutions, the company sees itself as an enabler in helping EV businesses set up and scale profitably across the globe, while contributing positively to emission control. TelioEV aims to be One Stop Destination For Electric Vehicle Charging Management Solutions and working on “Mission Million '' to manage 1 Million EV chargers through TelioEV solutions.