Nikhil Bhatia
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer – HOP Electric Mobility

A young entrepreneur on a personal mission of impacting 500 lives by means of creating new employment opportunities by the age of 35, Nikhil has been working on impactful projects with amazing mentors. Along with his partners,
Nikhil aims to establish HOP Electric as a front-runner in impacting three domains - Electric, Energy and Environment, and build the organisation as a sustainable and progressive brand that creates world-class products,technologies and services to drive the adoption of sustainable lifestyle, with a Global Presence.
In less than 2-years of commercial operations, under his able leadership,HOP Electric has developed and markets a line-up of electric two-wheelers (e-scooters - HOP LEO & HOP LYF, and recently launched high-speed electric-motorcycle HOP OXO). With more than 10,000 vehicles running on roads across the country, HOP presents a comprehensive ecosystem approach, backed by HOP Energy Network. HOP Electric Mobility currently has a manufacturing unit in Jaipur with a production capacity of more than 1.5 lac units per year.

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