Dr. Prabhjot Kaur
Co-Founder & Director, Esmito Solutions Pvt Ltd

Dr. Prabhjot Kaur is Co-Founder and Director of Esmito Solutions Pvt Limited that provides advanced battery swap solutions, battery management systems and infra management platforms combined with sophisticated analytics. Prior to Esmito, she served as Founder and CEO, Centre for Battery Engineering and EVs at IIT Madras and Director, Reliance-TCOE. She has played a vital role in translatingvarious innovations to commercialization and many of those products are now seen in the market. With several patents, publications, and technology transfers to her credit, she has been leading various initiatives on design, development and setting up the innovative EV charging solutions, and been aggressively leading standardization and policy efforts for EVs in India.
She is a recent recipient of VasvikIndustry Research Award, only women getting this award in the category of electrical and electronics engineering since its inception. She was alsobestowed for IEEE Technology of the year award in Service of Society, USA and Microgrid 2019 Greater Good Award, USA.