Sarth Jain
Founder Xponents Venture Studio

Sarth is an Engineer and an MBA by training and a dreamer by nature, he is driven to build valuable businesses around solving real problems, starting by looking at a bigger picture, then working future-backwards, connecting the dots and bringing in any missing elements.

Hailing from a traditional Indian business family, Sarth spent a decade expanding the family business after graduating from SP Jain Institute of Management and Research in 2011. During this period, he set-up and scaled 7 manufacturing plants with a workforce of over 2000 and expanded globally, exporting to 46 countries.

Sarth founded the Xponents Venture Studio to connect India’s booming start-up ecosystem with family-managed businesses. Xponents works closely with promising start-ups, evaluates and sharpens their business proposition, shows possible synergies with family businesses and then brings family business owners and start-up founders together for “win-win” alliances to scale exponentially.

Xponents’ current focus is on mobility-as-a-service to create an EV ecosystem, complete with last-mile delivery, EV charging and lease-finance companies to help this sector achieve its potential.

Sarth recently founded WORTHY Global DeFi, a Dubai-HQ’ed company, to provide creditworthiness across the globe for millennials, powering them to pivot beyond a Consumption mindset to a Wealth Creation mindset.

He has invested in over 70 early-stage ventures including Dandera Ventures, Agua, Tri arc, Scale Batteries, Sustain Capital, Watterr and Rocket Girls.

He strongly believes in the power of networking, giving more than he takes, and actively reaches out to people to create, build and sustain mutual synergies.