Sayantan Chakraborti
CEO & MD, goEgoNetwork

Founder and CEO of goEgo, Sayantan is passionate about sustainability and heads the company’s mission of mass adoption of electric vehicles by enabling electric vehicle users to charge seamlessly everywhere. He brings a plethora of rich experiences in understanding sustainable transportation overseas. Alumni of Rotterdam School of Management, he was stationed in the Netherlands – Europe’s leading country in electric mobility and trade before moving back to India. Sayantan had been a part of global banks and financial services companies where he worked on large ESG mandates and Impact investment portfolios. Backed by his professional experience in the banking and financial services space his exposure to E-mobility was inevitable, It led him to believe that Electric Vehicles have the potential to replace the tailpipe pollutants from the millions of vehicles back in India. He has led the company to be one of the most reliable EVSE equipment providers and the leading network platform for EV Charging in India.
Seeing the gap that India has the potential to adopt electric mobility with motivated citizens with the right knowledge about EV’s many advantages, he realized that the quicker adoption of the concept was lagging due to scarce EV charging infrastructure in the country. Sayantan, in his quest to introduce easily accessible, reliable, and fast EV charging solutions, has inspired individuals to join in the mission.
Started in August 2019, the journey since then has been about learning and blessings for the growing goEgo family. Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Group's (UNSDG) one of the 17 goals, i.e., to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable, Sayantan envisions taking goEgoNetwork to newer heights by partnering with like-minded enterprises across India. Deeming 2022 as the Year of Growth and Innovation, goEgo has partnered with top Indian brands to empower India’s public and residential localities with reliable, easily accessible, fast-charging EV charging solutions. He has also spear-headed the collaboration with various central and state government agencies to mass deploy Charging Infrastructure in India.