Shreshth Mishra
Co-Founder, Simple Energy

Shreshth Mishra is the Co-Founder of Simple Energy. Simple Energy is the second startup, earlier to which he was and still continues to be associated with subscription-based meal delivery and cloud kitchen startup called Tiffilo Mr Shreshth has completed in Engineering from BBDNIIT, Lucknow. Startup and entrepreneurship have always been on top of his interest list since his college days. When Shreshth heard of the idea of an electric vehicle startup from Mr Suhas Rajkumar (Founder of Simple Energy), he believed in the idea and came on board as the Co-Founder. Automobile and the potential the nation has to build wonders was the driving force behind Shreshth’s journey at Simple Energy.
Meanwhile, along with the founding team, Shreshth realised there wasn’t any electric two-wheeler in the country that were addressing the three pain points: range anxiety, charging, and affordability. He felt the need for an Indian OEM that could convince the world around us to shift to an EV in a smooth way. Hence He cofounded Simple Energy with Suhas Rajkumar and the other core team members who continue to be the most dedicated members of the company.
In addition to having a passion for automobiles, Shreshth loves sports as well. He has been an avid cricket fan since his childhood. What Shreshth learned as a sportsman has held him in good stead in business. He leads by example and surrounds himself with team members who are continuously learning and growing.

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