Siddhartha Bagri
CEO, Pravaig Dynamics

Siddhartha Bagri is the Founder & CEO of Pravaig Dynamics, a deep tech company building EVs, advanced batteries, and AI tools. He started Pravaig in 2011 in Jaipur with the goal to build world-leading products that take back control of time, resources, and sovereignty.
He has 7 years of experience in the energy industry. He built projects and a managed investments for a French Energy conglomerate in India, South Asia, and the Gulf region. Siddhartha Bagri also has 5 years of expertise in building manufacturing lines in India and China, from the ground up.
He is a strong proponent of decentralised and open-source tools. He believes in privacy first, right to repair, and full upgradable technologies - three pillars that form the bedrock of all Pravaig tech.