Tushar Chhabhaya
Director, Aarya Automobiles Ltd

Touted as one of the visionaries in the Indian automobile industry, Tushar Chhabhaya is leading innovation in electric vehicle mobility to meet urban needs at Aarya Automobile Ltd. An ardentxx-year-old ambitious dreamer, Tushar founded the company in 2019 with the passion to create a new segment for EV bikes for common people. While the company started with a lot of hiccups, it recovered quickly from the Covid-led disruptions to innovate and create a revolution in the electric vehicle industry under his leadership. He currently holds the directorial position at Aarya Automobile.
Starting as a Mechanical Engineer at Nilkanth Engineers was probably a life-changing decision in Tushar’s journey in the automobile sector. Working for only a few years at Nilkanth, he gained the right skills, knowledge and exposure to kickstart his dream project of developing electric vehicles at Aarya Automobile Ltd. A firm believer in Make in India, Tushar has built a company that manufactures and assembles in house creating job opportunities for the locals.
An engineer at heart and a people's manager by profession, Tushar has not stepped away from taking creative and technical calls at Aarya. Eager to achieve excellence, Tushar is all set to introduce ‘Commander’ to the world after overcoming a major setback due to Covid. A man of many talents, Tushar has graduated with a BE in Mechanical Engineeringfrom Shri Devi Institute of Engineering and Technology Tumkur, Karnataka.